Sunday, November 4, 2007

Clubhouse, San Isidro Village, Batangas

Me, Ailene, and the kids attended the 7th birthday of my cousin’s son. It’s a day for the kids… There were cotton candies, ice cream, fish balls, etc. The party was hosted by McDonalds and the kids’ foods were catered by them as well. As for the adults, a separate catering service was commissioned.

There were lots of games, balloons, giveaways and toys. My kids enjoyed particularly my youngest, Gio.

Immediately after the formal party is a swimming pool party. Inasmuch as we like Gelo and Gio to take a dip at the pool, we have to say “pass” this time as it is already late and my wife and I still have some important matters to attend to. To appease the kids, Ailene and I promised that we will take them swimming some other time.

The party was held at the clubhouse of San Isidro Village located at San Isidro, Batangas, Philippines – a decent place for parties and swimming.

My personal rating: 6 out of 10.


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BatangasNgaun said...
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BatangasNgaun said...

nice.. can somebody know how to get there if your coming from balayan?

lito said...
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lito said...

ang dami talgang mgaganda lugar, mga mgagandang babae haha at msasarap na pagkain sa batangas
pati dito sa sto.tomas
kaya sa darating na halalan si Arman Sanchez ang iboboto ko, para maibalik at mapanatili ang iba pang mgagandang lugar dito sa batangas
im proud to be batangueno

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katie said...

Ganda talagang makavisit dito. SOMEDAY!!!

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